The Friday Five: 47th Edition

We hope you've left another bright and busy week behind you. Here are the headlines you might have missed...

1. Making to Mass

In the midst of the Maker Revolution, John Lobb the Bootmaker is set to grow - but how do you scale a brand with a business model rooted in traditional craft?

2. Website Conversations

This pseudo operating system can chat about significant and trivial topics, say which city has the best pizza, and even share jokes.

3. Adpoints

For consumers based in the UK, Adpoints will now allow the collection of Nectar points in exchange for watching adverts on your phone.

4. John Lewis turns 150

In celebration of the retail giant's 150th birthday, the upmarket retailer has rolled out dedicated advertising and a celebratory product range.

5. Music To His Ears

The fashion conscious headphones, Beats, are set to make music producer, Dr.Dre $3.2 billion in a deal to sell to Apple.

Have a wonderful weekend,