The Friday Five: 44th Edition

What’s up, everybody? Folk here, it’s Friday, and there’s much news to share. It’s time for the … we’re not even going to say it.

The Spawnsong app allows listeners to pre-order music in the making, serving as a sort of audible Kickstarter. It’s all free, too, so will make sine waves in the digital sound community.

2. Socks in a box

Just when you thought subscription boxes were limited to health foods, Pharmacie came along. This Italian brand will send you socks every month for a fee; it’s like Christmas.

3. Insta-stylist

Personal stylists are no longer for the high-brow. With Zappos’ new approach to retail, just by tagging a selfie with #Nextootd, they’ll offer professional style advice - for free.

4. Facebook feed fiasco

SEO is nothing new, but it seems that it’s something we’ll have to bear in mind if we choose to showcase ourselves on Facebook now, too. This helpful infographic explains how.

5. The print revival

In an effort to revitalise the newsprint market, Alibaba has partnered up with 12 Chinese papers. They’ll turn the papers into mobile storefronts, with special offers and QR codes.

That’s all folks. Have a great weekend.