The Friday Five: 28th Edition

Beginning to think there's some kind of time machine at play here. Friday already? Surely not.

1. We Love Luxury AKA Story

Following their annual report on luxury last year, and a more recent roundtable breakfast, Drapers' revealed that when it comes to luxury - consumers care most about the story behind the brand. That's why we do what we do!

2. Pins to Pounds

TechCrunch reported that Pinterest has finally allowed partners to embed their most popular pins on their site. Already proven to be a strong driver of referral traffic, this is big business for visual brand curation.

3. Travel Better London

In design news, Creative Review reported that the office of The Mayor of London has teamed up with popular French artist, McBess, to create a series of eye-catching posters to help with problems on the underground.

4. Making Noise 

The Drum featured an important lesson for retailers taken from the music industry "building and maintaining a fanbase". We may not be selling records, but we are selling. It's all about making friends.

5. Getting Noodle  

The Guardian reported this week that organiser of Glastonbury festival, 73-year-old Michael Eavis, stripped down to the nude in aid of Macmillan Cancer support this week. Fun & purpose. They're important.

Until next Friday,