The Friday Five: 26th Edition

Here are our four top stories from the week, plus one more, makes five... 1. Get your own ideas

Tom was featured in Web Designer Magazine this week, delicately arguing the importance of 'carving your own path' as a designer. Hurrah for Tom!

2. We like Lego

Especially this Taxi featured, project manager's dream! Created by Vitamin, it allows projects to be broken down visually using Lego and recognised by digital calendars too.

3. Metrics to measure

 The Next Web reported five top metrics that we should measure in social media: Reach, Engagement, Acquisition, Conversion and Activity... but what do you make of them?

4. Twitter likes pictures

The Independent reported this week that Twitter has now started previewing pictures and Vines without asking us. We like pictures too, but it's certainly taking up more filter space.

5. L2 Watches & Jewellery

L2 released their most recent research into the sparkle market this week. The verdict? Rolex is still rocking in the social world. Time to 'watch' and learn.

Happy Friday,