The Friday Five: 23rd Edition

Hurray for Friday! Here's another week of top news from our world...

1. Paul, Digital Bod & Killer MC

Paul was invited to speak about storytelling across platforms for the Chartered Institute of Marketing in association with Meetdraw this week. It resulted in a rap battle that even got the two big-name brands chatting on Twitter!

2. ASDA brings 3D printing to the shelves

Yes, The Next Web reported how Asda will be the first to trial 3D printing in-store, from just £40, from next week. Finally, we can have detailed versions of ourselves and our family in miniature.

3. Speak to your audience, through your audience

A NYC start-up, Olapic, was featured by The Business of Fashion this week as they begin to bring user-generated content into the heart of brand marketing, with great results, for the likes of New Balance, Pepsi and more. Power to the people!

4. Paypal Payment

Paypal have announced this week that from next year consumers will be able to pay for their bits and bobs in-store by simply scanning a QR code. QR code? Surprising choice, we think.

5. 2013 Scottish Fashion Awards

As The Industry reported, this week saw the unfolding of the 8th annual Scottish Fashion Awards, this year held in London. Some of the top names in attendance included Mr. David Gandy,'s Dolly Jones, and WGSN's Lauretta Roberts.