The Friday Five: 14th Edition

Here's the top five stories from the industry this week... 1. Kitchens are getting smart

A new super-smart kitchen thermometer plugs straight into your iPhone. Using the companion Range app (currently for iOS only), you can measure your food's temperature at a detailed, quantified level!

2. Unicorns & Rainbows or The Facts?

Jon introduced the team to an interesting and, at times, comical test that analyses you and your role at work to calculate your 'fit' with your company and coworkers - insightful and entertaining.

3. Paul's headed for Pure

Our founder's been invited to speak at the UK's largest fashion buying show in London next Monday - he'll be offering up advice about what consumers want from the perspective of an experienced storyteller.

4. Report reveals average of 4.9 seconds

Which is the time it takes typical leading e-commerce sites to serve usable content - showing that things are actually slowing down, contrary to popular belief!

5. Living rooms are back in

A study by Ofcom has found families are once again gathering around the main television set, but this time they're bringing their tablets and smartphones with them.

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