The Friday Five: 11th Edition

Time to catch up on some interesting snippets from the week: 1. Electronic skin for an electronic generation

A new breakthrough in medical science has lead to the development of electronic skin that could help amputees achieve a better sense of their surroundings. The Technion-Israel Institute of Technology has a established a way for amputees to not only sense touch, but humidity and temperature as well.

2. Coke-Spotify packaging unveiled

Coca-Cola has included Spotify in their packaging for the first time in their branding for their new slim cans. Branded with the Spotify logo and showing a link to, the new 250ml cans add to the growing list of packaging designs that the company have produced.

3. e-David, the Robotic Painter

Whilst it can be thought that creativity cannot be taught or programmed, German programmers are seemingly proving that wrong with e-David, the independent robotic painting sensation. The University of Konstanz, Germany, equipped a robot with a camera, sensors, and painting supplies and after some initial instructions from a programmer leaves it to create it's own artwork.

4. Vogue-asaurs

The Vogue website has recently been overrun with dinosaur fashionistas, displayed only after typing the Konami Code. This video game cheat will display the pre-historic creatures adorned with some rather fancy hats. It's been heard that Vogue isn't the only one to be infiltrated, GQ, Wired and Easy Living also having some cyber friends hiding among their pages. Whether this is a hack or marketing ploy, we're certainly having fun with it.

5. Want to join us?

We're hiring! Are you gaga for Google Analytics? Cuckoo for keywords? Then you could be the new PPC Manager for us. Check out our careers page for more information.

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