The Crystal Ball: Meaningful Connections

A guide to the 5 things that you can do right now to help craft more meaningful connections between your brand and its tribe.... 1. Inspire

Inspiration must come first, whether through eye-opening content that makes us sit back in our chair, or captivating film that allows us to fantasise away.

The advantage of bricks and mortar stores are the touchable, liveable nature of the experience that's highly addictive.

To create true connections, and eventually nurture a love affair with a brand, consumers must experience desire or excitement with the brand.

2. Make space for the 'froth'

Once you've crafted an addictive digital and/or physical retail experience, it's time to make the most of the buzz you've curated and empower consumers by giving the the space to make lovely noise about you.

Besides, Olapic reports that brands engaging with consumers through consumer-generated photo sharing have seen up to 3x increase in conversion.

It makes business sense.

3. Reward

A further way to nurture the connections you share with your all-powerful tribe voice, and encourage further contribution from consumers, is to reward them for their efforts.

This can be anything from exchanging social influence for discount on future purchases of your products or by offering consumers sharable, personalised content.

4. Learn

The world is made of stories, not atoms, and we can gather big data to prove it.

It's up to us to put our ears to the ground, pay attention and make note of what's going on in our brand universe.

Then we can utilise the information that we discover to make the most of our connections in turn.

Make your own trends, don't follow them.

5. Adapt

Record how your tribe experiences your brand through its retail platforms, and observe closely how they interact with the technology you provide them, so that you can constantly evolve and improve your offering.

So, there you have it - a basic guide to help you to transform your network into genuine. more powerful connections.