The All-New Folklore

Kind reader,

Chances are, you were directed here by our Folklore newsletter. If not, it’s sweet serendipity - but you can check the newsletter out by signing up at the foot of the page.

In any case, we’ve taken a step back to re-evaluate the way we do things. We’ll be introducing you to most of the changes over the next few weeks, but there are a few in particular you’ll notice more as a subscriber.

First off is the new aesthetic, which, apart from the preview you’ve probably seen, we’re keeping top secret until launch (sorry!).

Next, but by no means secondarily, the guys responsible for Folklore have pooled their resources, put their heads together and formed a new supergroup known as The Story Team. Together, they’re jacks of all trades, masters of digital - and we can’t wait to introduce them to you formally next week.

They’ve redefined how Folk’s content works. Everything you read from now on will be super-refined, digestible, and practical, so you feel like you’ve taken away something you can use later on. There’ll be a greater emphasis on video for those of you who like your visuals, and there may or may not be a noticeable excess of beards…

These are just a select number of the changes we’ll be making to Folklore and to Folk, but rest assured, more will become clear as the clock ticks by.

Thanks for reading,