Sharing is caring

Sharing: the process of offering up something that you possess for the benefit of someone else. Simple really, but so important in the grand scheme of things.

Often an act of generosity, sharing is how we, as wonderful people, contribute, inform or improve on something else for a mutual benefit.

In digital, sharing means good things for our clients, like when Jimmy Blueshoes endorses our carefully crafted blog post about Franses fine diamonds with his 2,000 luxury shopper Twitter followers; it's good news.

So often jokes are made about 'only children' being selfish and struggling to understand the concept of sharing with others, mainly because they don't have to. I know this, as I am an only child.

The thing is, when you're comfortable with keeping things to yourself, you also limit yourself - this is only natural. When you (or I) come to terms with the fact that sharing is actually a mutually beneficial relationship building function in life, it becomes an enjoyable experience and, I think, improves us as people.

When growing up, I adopted some step-siblings along the way and learnt, painfully slowly, that sharing is genuinely a very good thing.

Now working in the glorious world of digital, I've recognised that this principle is very much present in business, too, and how refreshing it is.

Indeed, unlike other business sectors, this is one of rapid evolution and information sharing. Yes we are competitive, yes we work hard to be the best we can be at what we do - but we've nothing to hide and we are, in many ways, one big community.

As we share, we give a little of ourselves and we promote ourselves as kind and wisened.

I suppose the moral of this story is that we should all keep up the good work and not shy away from letting people in.

There's a lot of goodness hidden in the exchange of knowledge and, after all, nothing really belongs to us, we just borrow it until it is no longer our turn.

Knowledge is power, people.

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