Karma Drinks & Poetry

Chances are, you’re familiar with the Karma Dinner process by now: you sign up to our waiting list, and if you’re selected, you’ll get an invitation to a lovely evening, full of lovely food and lovely people.

This time around, it’s a little different.

Because of the overwhelming popularity of sign-ups lately, we’re shifting the parameters of the event. This month, it’s an open invitation, so if you want to come, you can (up to the venue’s capacity). This means places are going fast.

We like fast, so we’re upping the ante.

But first a little context.

Our new friend Simon Woodroffe wrote a wonderful poem about us the other week.

There’s folk and there’s folk

And none that’s so queer

As the folk of the forest

That’s them that’s right there


They’ll  tell ‘em a story

And spin up some fame

That leaves you ‘a wondering

What’s in that name


It’s spells that’s a - boilin’

Up in that pot

And it’s quite some than potion

It quakes…… quite a lot


So if you’re adventuring

Out on the plain

Pack well in your saddle

Keep company sane


There’s plots and there’s thinking

And action and plans

But there’s nothing like magic

To water the sands


The dogs will be growling

The frogs they may croak

But soon you’ll be sayin’

That’s it …….we are folk


We absolutely loved this. It’s reinvigorated our poetic spirit. We’re spouting sonnets and sestinas and limericks from the rafters.

As such, a lucky selection of our Karma Drinks applicants will get a personal haiku written for them, on us, with their twitter handle attached.

Free drinks, like-minded people, exciting chatter and lovely poems.

Sign up here.