Is £50 a Month the Key to Smiling Staff?

On average we spend approximately a third of our week at work. Here at Folk we think that if you're going to dedicate that much time to something it should be something you actually look forward to when you wake up in the morning. So we started to ask ourselves what we could do to make working wonderful. What if the answer was actually to do something different outside of work, would it have an effect on your happiness during the day? In somewhat of a social experiment, we're giving the folk at Folk £50 a month to do something totally unrelated to the work they do. From the weird and the wonderful to the health conscious, everyone who has been working here for at least three months is going to start doing something new.

It's a simple method but one with very varied interpretations. Tash is thinking watersports, Tom is planning on teaching us a magic trick and Frank, well...we'd rather not know. We're closely monitoring the results to see if it makes people happier and of course if it makes their work even better than it already is.

Stay tuned to see the evaluation...