Happy Birthday Folk!

The big day is finally here...we're the big 1-0 today and to celebrate we've launched this new website! It's been a long old process getting this site done but we're very proud of all the hard work and team work that's gone into making it. For those of you who read this blog a few months ago you would have heard all about the website launch that almost was. The decision to not launch that site makes today's launch all the more special. This website is designed to be a personal journey. For you to discover Folk in a way that you control and ultimately lets you take a voyage of discovery into what makes us who we are.

We hope you love this new site just as much as we do. To those of you who have made the last ten years as special as they have been thank you for everything. There are lots of exciting things on the horizon here at Folk and today all we can hope for is that the next ten years are just as wonderful.