10 Reasons To Attend Fibre

Happy Wednesday one and all. To say excitement is building here at The Old Joinery would be quite an understatement.

As tickets are snapped up by passionate professionals leading the way in their field, and we liaise with speakers about the stories they'll be sharing on the day, we present 10 reasons for you to get excited too:


With just 100 tickets available (and diminishing), FIBRE is guaranteed to be a highly intimate experience for everyone on the day, with opportunities to meet and converse with the Folk team and FIBRE speakers when they come off stage.


There's no doubt about it, attending the very first FIBRE in the series will give you a unique edge on everyone else. Not only will you be one of a select few with the opportunity to shape the industry, equipped with new confidence and self-knowing, you'll also enjoy the original experience and can follow it's evolution in the years to come.


It's not often you are I are given the chance to be introduced to people with similar interests in a setting like FIBRE. Curated with a very particular group of people in mind, FIBRE offers an open space for the most ambitious and curious professionals in the industry to connect and share in their personal and professional similarities in their own time and their own way. We think sharing aspirations and dreams is better than just sharing business cards.


The day would be nothing without it's array of incredible storytellers. Yes, the FIBRE speakers are all carefully chosen for their unique style to capture the imagination and ability to help you to develop your creativity and courage. They be your guides to a more ambitious, fruitful and energised life by helping you to understand the choices you have available to you. A simple premise, but one that none of us will forget in a hurry.


We call ourselves the 'why finders' her at Folk, because we make sure that everything we do starts with purpose. After all, without a purpose, a drive or a mantra, what are we all here for? We promise that at FIBRE, you too will discover what you need to figure out your passions and achieve your goals in life, with a little help from our professionals.


Interestingly enough, it's very rare that we discover that our purpose aims to achieve anything less than something brilliant. Purpose isn't a like or desire, it's a burning need to achieve something. At FIBRE, we'll help you to go out into the world standing for something you feel is worthwhile. Gone will be the days of working for a pay cheque. It's an old hat way of thinking, and trust us when we say, it'll die out before too long.


Not only will we help you to inspire you and pave the right path in front of you, we'll teach you how to apply your new-found inspiration in your life. At the end of the day, what good would it all be if you left your new found fibre behind you when you left the day? These are lessons for now and forever.


But what's the purpose of exposing you to these ideas? Because we want to create transformation. Transformation of people, of businesses and brands, and of the world we live, and work, and play in. The stories and lessons you'll learn at FIBRE will enable you to ready and raring to prove that you can take on what life throws at you, like never before.


We recommend you bring something (that wont distract you) to take notes with on the day. Speaking sessions will be no device zones, to help nurture connectivity between you and what's going on in the room. The only time we have is now, and we thought it'd be useful to give you a break from the daily technological interruptions.


But it's not all about life-changing moments and stories that will alter your perception. FIBRE will give you a place to make true friends, and leave with a new lease on life - a simple recipe for a successful day.


Enough said - we've even convinced ourselves to buy tickets.

Do you know someone else who could benefit from an experience like this?

Good news is there's an early bird rate for the first 60 people who buy their ticket before September 11th.

To avoid disappointment, purchase yours HERE today.

See you there,

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