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A.S.A.P. in a tweet

A.S.A.P. Supplies have been at the forefront of the marine industry for over 25 years, and are renowned for their expertise and dedication to doing things right.


The Problem

A.S.A.P. came to Folk to update and improve their website, and to bring their look and feel in line with their values and personality. The old site was built back in 2010, so it wasn't responsive, and, whilst their product list was extensive, the search functionality wasn't too easy to use.


Why Folk?

A.S.A.P. already had their tribe; in this case, it was a case of reconnecting with them. We helped A.S.A.P. to understand how their loyal customers ticked, and discovered how we could make their lives easier beyond buying marine parts.


The Solution

A fresh looking, fully responsive eCommerce site built around customer service.


A Site to Serve

With the stage set by the new logo, we rolled out new branding over a beautifully designed bespoke website. There was a keen focus on UX and ease of use, with a navigation that maintained its simplicity and logic over hundreds of product categories. The site also caters excellently for mobile and tablet use, as well as desktop users.


A.S.A.P.’s customer base was both commercial and retail oriented, so we endeavoured to provide a tailored experience. Depending on their buyer group, account users have an experience that's better suited to their needs. For example, we provided B2C customers with a Part Identifier feature so they're able to find and purchase their products easily, and B2B customers are able to see the prices without VAT by default in order to better calculate their spending.


We improved the search functionality to use Advanced Smart Search with an autocomplete function. We also equipped the site with an easy-to-use Part Identifier, where customers can give the experts an image and description of the part they need, instead of having to trawl through multiple searches to find a replacement.




Ambitious | Pinnacle | Off-the-wall

Hermès are known the world over for their unrivalled brand persona and eccentricity...

... and to bring their Wanderland exhibition to life, they needed a teaser film which captured the spirit and conviviality of the brand. 

Folk stepped in to accept the challenge, and with the help of a very professional cat named Yoda, created and directed the brand's most widely-viewed film to date.

You can view the film here.



Adventure | Purpose | International


Allett always knew they had purpose, they just needed a hand to define it. 

We worked with the founders over Skype to redefine their brand, and bring their style and messaging in line with their beliefs. We also helped them to create a plan to connect with their tribe when the site launches mid-2016.

Coming soon...

Brew Tea Company


Disruption | Authenticity | Tribe-building


There was a lot wrong with the tea industry, and the Brew Tea Company were having none of it. 

To approach tea in a new, authentic way, we helped them redesign their site, redefine their photographic style, tone of voice, and copy, and devise their online strategy. We continue to help Brew Tea Co. connect with their tribe today.

Visit the Brew Teas site here.

Hill & Friends

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Wit | Craft | Style

Hill & Friends

Emma Hill and Georgia Fendley; an iconic fashion dream team. 

After Emma left Mulberry to establish her own brand with Georgia, they came to Folk to help them realise their dream. We partnered with branding company, Construct, to provide the team with a place to showcase and sell their incredible bags. They launched at London Fashion Week in September, 2015.

Become a friend at


Future | Technology | Thought Leadership

YO! never cease to push the boat out when it comes to solving everyday problems ....

In a close-knit collaboration, Folk and YO! worked to bring the YO! digital platform to life. With candid one-to-one tutorials and thought leadership by Simon Woodroffe, the founder, unique film and photography, and exciting interactive explorations of YO! Home, this is one to watch out for.

See the site for yourself at